Our Services

What you get:

For $275 incl. GST we meet with you on-site for up to an hour. 

At this meeting we listen and observe so as to understand your needs, budget, ideas and lifestyle.  We provide guidance and perspective which allows us to help you make smart choices about your property and lifestyle.  Looking at the spaces you inhabit and how you spend your time with an unbiased eye means we may see things you may not yet realise need to be addressed.

The process:

Helping you create a high level strategic plan for your property, will provide you with peace of mind and the knowledge that you have considered the important issues. Ultimately this will help to save costly, time-consuming and wasteful re-work down the track.

Although each client has a different starting point and end goal we follow the same process to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

1. Discover – where you are now and how you want things to be.
2. Evaluate – information from you and from our observations of your property.
3. Present – our ideas to demonstrate how you can achieve your goals.
4. Implement – we give you the choice of doing it yourself, some contacts to help you manage it or we can act as
your project manager, architect or interior designer if you want to outsource the work.


We are passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives through the best use of their home. 

We understand inviting someone into your home is very personal.  We can help you create a space you can be comfortable living in and proud to invite others to.  Ultimately, we enjoy helping our clients create an environment where they can:

  • relax and escape the pressures of life,
  • reflect their own identity, individuality and history, and
  • share with friends and family.

Investment properties-

We help clients make smart decisions about where to spend money on their investment property to get maximum visual impact.

As well as designing properties for our clients we have also developed properties ourselves. Our advice in this area includes how to:

  • Create a strong first impression from the street view of the property,
  • Showcase each room to its best advantage,
  • Improve the outlook from the home, and
  • Minimise the impact from any negative aspects.

We are honest if we feel it could be a costly exercise i.e. if the floor plan of the property will require a large re-work.  If this occurs and we are advising for a property purchase we would provide guidance on potential costs and practicalities to help you make decisions on the feasibility of the property.  If selling the property, for an additional fee we can develop a concept plan that can be shown to prospective buyers.

DIY Projects-

We can direct you to respected tradespeople or suppliers we use and trust, that may be relevant for your project.

DIY renovators tell us that one of their most difficult tasks is to find trusted, competent tradespeople.  As tradespeople are unlikely to source a lot of repeat work for one-off projects, sometimes they are not as responsive as they could be or your job falls to the bottom of the pile. 

Referring you to a team of people that we use will provide you with a feeling of security by knowing your job is managed by highly qualified, experienced and competent professionals.  And, they have a vested interest in performing to a high standard for you, so that we continue to use them regularly!


We believe there is more to redecorating than just creating a beautiful place to live. 

We understand you will be the ones to live with the final choices.  Although we like to show some individuality, it is not for us to dictate to our clients how their home should look and to impose our ideas or style.  We work with you to:

  • Understand your lifestyle needs including how you live your life and what is important to you. 
  • Consider how to use space more efficiently and how to reduce clutter.
  • Display the important items you have accumulated that are an expression of who you are or where you’ve been. 
  • Encourage you to be brave and to show your style and uniqueness.
  • Advise if there are alternative pieces which may enhance your home.